• Indoor

    Our Park Cities location is the place to go for indoor decorating and gift ideas. Everything in ties to the beauty of the garden in our shop. Our selection is truely to vast to visualize; or even photograph. When you think of the indoors – think Nicholson-Hardie. Here is an idea of what you can find:
    -Books from table top to expert advice
    -All types of candles, fragrance and accessories that fit
    -Clothing and hats
    -Doormats, rugs and throws
    -The best in “Unreal” flower, plants and fruit
    -Indoor containers in every size, shape, material and color
    -Picture frames and accessories galore
    -Natural harvested Moss
    -Decorative items and figurines to make any room special
    -Unique soaps, dish and guest towels
    -Dried and preserved plants from nature
    -Pillows to spruce up any room, out or in
    -Entertaining and bar ideas
    -Handmade Vierti pottery imported from Italy
    …and that’s just the beginning.

  • Seasonal

    Nicholson-Hardie is always changing and evolving as each new season and holiday unfolds. Visit us early and visit often for the best selection. We promise you will find something you will absolutely love.

  • Tropical

    We think, actually we are pretty sure, that we have the largest selection of indoor tropical plants in the Metroplex. We have only the highest quality plants. As we do for outside, we have plants that are well adapted to your inside environment. Tell us about your space and we will help you select the perfect plant. All they need from you is a little love and attention, in turn they will provide you with beauty and fresh air. Stop by an visit with an expert to create your own indoor jungle… Nobody wants to live in the desert.

  • Blooming

    Blooming indoor plants are one of our favorite subjects. We are on a constant search for the best growers and the best plants. The beauty of an indoor bloomer is that it will outlast a cut flower by untold multiples (we have never done a scientific study). Our orchid selection is incredible year round. We have everything to bring that special indoor container to life; for that matter to make that not so special indoor container to spectacular. Add some greens and one of our designers’ touch to make the ordinary extraordinary. Bring a little smile to everyone in your home a real indoor blooming plant. And next time you need that gift for that special someone – well nothing really beats a flower.