• Remedies

    Our remedies experts are qualified to solve all the unique gardening challenges that you may face in North Texas and beyond.

    What’s that grey stuff on the back of my leaves?  How come my plants aren’t blooming?  Why won’t my grass won’t grow?  How much water is enough; too much?  What is this insect?  Is it beneficial, or is it an enemy?  How do I keep the squirrels from eating my furniture cushions?  What solution can I use that is safe for my children and pets?  Is there an environmentally safe alternative?

    Well, you get the idea.  We have an expert that can solve any gardening challenge.  Bring us a sample of your problem…  We will provide the answer.

  • Perennials

    Perennials are the life source of a spectacular garden space. Both of our stores offer a selection of great plants that will re-bloom year after year in the sun or in the shade. Our Bluffview store has the mass of our perennial bounty. Our Bluffview staff has grown many of the plants that we sell either in their own gardens or assisted a customer in their own. We are proud to have on site one of the largest selections of perennials in Dallas. Please call us at 214.357.4674 to see if we have that hard to find plant ready to go from your garden to ours.

  • Annuals

    Annual plants provide the “pop” that make your outdoor spaces visually attractive on a seasonal basis. One of the beauties of living in North Texas is that we have plants that provide that “pop” spring, summer, winter and fall. There is never a reason to have a dull landscape when you shop with Nicholson-Hardie. Our buyers ferret out the best producers in the country for your garden. The vast majority of our annual stock comes locally from Mom and Pop business’s just like ours. If we are unable to source an outstanding introduction locally we will do whatever it takes to make sure you have the best plant and best varieties. We go to every measure to make sure you have success with your annual displays. Both of our locations are equally suited for your annual color blast.

  • Shrubs / Trees

    Our trees and shrubs are offered at our Bluffview location. We have virtually an outdoor garden with foundation plants as the backdrop. We are experts in foundation plantings. We will help make your dreams reality. We know the what, when, why and how of all of the wonderful plants that grow in zone 8a.

  • Water Features

    There is nothing quite like the sound of water in the garden. It calms the mind. We offer wonderful water features from cutting edge to simply classic. Nicholson-Hardie will custom make a water feature that is uniquely yours from any of our selection of vessels. Of course we can install it for you too. We have many up and running at our Bluffview location for you to enjoy if your just visiting or contemplating which is right for you.

  • Vegetables / Herbs

    Both of our locations feature a year-round selection of herbs for your culinary enjoyment. Vegetables are offered as transplants on a seasonal basis, and as seeds all year long. Both locations offer a depth of variety from heirloom to cutting edge. Believe it or not in 1899 when Nicholson-Hardie was founded vegetable seeds were our business. They still are today. Our Park Cities location still offers bulk seed just like we did over 100 years ago.