Sun Perennial Garden

The above garden plan is to be used as a general guide. It is not drawn to scale. Dots within the shapes represent placement of individual plants. Varying sizes of plant material are available at Nicholson-Hardie, although not all selections may be available at one time. Nicholson- Hardie will install any garden plan for you! Email us and describe what you want! We will give you a phone call to begin planning your new garden!

A: Hardy Blue Aster

B: Black Eyed Susan

C: Candy Tuft

D: Texas Gold Columbine

E: Moonbeam Coreopsis

F: Ox Eyed Daisy

G: Dwarf Maiden Hair Grass

H: Morden’s Gleam Lythrum

I: Wood Sorrel Oxalis

J: Brazos Penstemon

K: Mt. Fugi Phlox

L: Purple Cone Flower

M: Salvia farinacea

N: Sedum x spectabiles

O: Blue Creeping Thrift