Orchids are the youngest flowering plants in terms of evolutionary history. They are the largest plant family with 10,000 to 30,000 species and more than 70,000 hybrids. Most orchids come from Asiatic regions and are most commonly found growing in trees. You don’t have to have a greenhouse or climate controlled area to grow them. Below are listed types of orchids most commonly carried by Nicholson-Hardie and their specific needs.

Types of Orchids

Dendrobiums are originally from the Himalayas, Burma, and Indochina. They prefer a bright window, but not very sunny, all year long. In summer, water as needed (we recommend using Carl Pool Orchid Food every fourteen days); in winter, only water enough to keep the roots from drying out. Mist frequently, especially in the summer.

Cymbidiums generally are 2 to 3 feet tall and originate from Tropical Asia and Australia. They prefer very bright airy locations throughout the year. These orchids benefit from being placed outside in an area protected from sun from May till September. Feed with orchid food (such as Carl Pool) every four weeks in Spring and Summer, with no feeding in Fall and Winter. Provide misting often and re-pot in a good orchid mix every two years.

Oncidiums (“Dancing Lady Orchids”) are from subtropical and tropical America and the West Indies. This group of orchids also prefer bright light, but not direct sun. They like warm days and cool nights as do most other orchids. Keep slightly damp from March to October and from November to March water only enough to Keep them from wilting. Mist carefully as they are prone to rot. Do not cut off the flower stalks of Oncidium kramerianum and Incidium papilio (Psychopsis) as new buds develop on the same stem the following year.

Phalaenopsis (“Moth Orchids”) are originally from India, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Philippines, and northern Australia. These orchids require semi shade in the summer and bright light in the winter, but never direct sun. Never water in the center of the plant, but do keep these orchids evenly moist. Feed with Carl Pool Orchid Food every Fourteen days during the summer months. Mist the leaves often and re-pot every two years in an airy orchid mix. Nicholson-Hardie is particularly well known for its spectacular orchids. Drop by our Garden Center store at 5725 West Lovers Lane in Dallas and be amazed by these beautiful and exotic flowers. We will even deliver them directly to your home within the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.