About Us


Nicholson-Hardie has been owned and operated by the Bracken family since 1974, over 35 years ago.  Our roots, however, are much deeper.  Our business of serving Dallas gardeners started in 1899 with a young Scotsman, David Hardie.  In the early days seeds were the primary focus, in fact, at our Garden Center you can see some of the original seed bins still in use today.  In 1928 Robert Nicholson opened Robert Nicholson Seed Company.  In 1948 Hardie merged with Nicholson’s retail company creating Nicholson-Hardie.

The Garden Center has been in the same spot the early 1950’s, although it has grown considerably. The Bracken’s experimented with many different ideas until they found the right mix.  Currently the garden center has three different landlords!  This location is located at 5725 W. Lovers Lane and is known as the indoor store, although it has many outdoor plants and accessories.  We offer an array of seeds and indoor plant options along with an excellent supply of easy to care for orchids.  The shop has a vast selection of containers and accessories.   We offer everything from candles to hand painted Italian Vietri dishware, any thing to make an indoor room sparkle.  Of course this location also offers the more traditional garden items including an area dedicated to “Remedies” and a fine tool selection.

Our Nursery located at 5060 W. Lovers Lane is considered the outdoor store, opened in 1984.  We offer the abundance of garden; antique and modern roses, azaleas, topiaries, camellias, unusual perennials and much more.  We also have a full slate of garden art and accents from fountains to benches to statuary.  Our fountain selection really must be seen as many are hand crafted and entirely unique. This location is more like a small park than a store – it is so beautiful right in the middle of Dallas.

Our locations are serviced by over 500 vendors that are hand selected by one of our 10 buyers who all serve our clients directly in the stores.  We do not have a central purchasing office, but prefer to allow our buyers to interact directly with our clients and vendors in each store everyday.

Visit us soon, and visit us often to see why Nicholson-Hardie has endured over 120 years.